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Congratulations, you have found the Dudley Section Cyclists' Touring Club website, and already taken the first step towards

  • a healthier lifestyle

  • helping the environment

  • discovering cafes

  • unusual pubs and tearooms

  • local lanes you never knew were there!

  • different wildlife

  • meeting a great friendly bunch of people

I have been a member of the Dudley Cycling Club for a number of years, and probably like yourself there are several questions to be asked before your first ride. Would I get left behind? What happens if I have a puncture? Are they all going to be talking technical? What would the rest of the members be wearing?

I needn't have worried and neither should you. Arriving in good time at my first meeting I was immediately put at ease and 'looked after' by the other members.

The pace of the ride only went as fast as the slowest person and that still goes for rides here to join us!

Luckily punctures don't happen that often but when they do everyone will wait, take the opportunity for a chat, refreshment break and of course help with the repair.

Plenty of refreshment breaks are had along the way and as courtesy to other members the faster riders will always wait at the top of hills.

Everyone was dressed casually, sensibly and carried suitable wet weather gear with them.

Regarding the technical information of cycling between them they offered years of experience and guidance all portrayed to me in easy understandable language.

Each ride had a designated 'captain' who would lead the ride and be responsible for everyone's safety, making sure no one gets lost!

Not always knowing where the ride was heading and using country lanes that I never knew existed all added to the excitement. This still goes on today and after all these years I'm still discovering new routes, places of interest, and making new friends all on my here to join us!

The club rides vary in mileage although most are easy paced there are rides for the more ambitious held throughout the year.

World Wide View

In September 2001 the club joined forces with Walsall Cycling Club and enjoyed a weeks ride around the Flanders region of Belgium.

As for myself the bug bit and could well do for you! I have now been cycling all around the world including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Iceland and America. Other club members regularly tour both to Europe and more distant places.

So why not take the step to join us on a local ride and who knows where it may lead and who with!